Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cameron's First Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday was Cameron's first day of Kindergarten. WOW! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday he was just a baby, and now he is an independent boy going to school. I can remember my mom telling me enjoy every moment because they grow so fast...well mom you are right! It hasn't been until these last few months that that has really made since to me. So to all of you mommies with little ones - ENJOY every minute because they do grow up way too fast!

Cameron and his best buddy Landon

Ok mom you can leave now!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Little Star Wars People

Here are the kids Halloween outfits. Cameron is being Obi Wan Kenobi and yes that is Kayley dressed up as Yoda. She insisted on that outfit, and I wasn't convincing her any other way! I even showed her beautiful princess outfits, but nope she wanted Yoda. He is her favorite. It is so cute to hear her say it because she says "look me daddy I Hoda".

Emergency Room Trip #4

Well Cameron had his next trip to the emergency room Friday night. We were over at our friends house the Rileys and the kids were upstairs playing having a good time. Then suddenly Cameron lets out this blood curdling scream one you know is associated with pain. He comes running downstairs holding his right arm which is no longer straight but bent into a "L" shape. It scared me and my next thought was where is the blood. Thank goodness there wasn't any because I probably would have passed out. In my time of panic I look at Misty and ask what do I do? I knew he needed to go to the hospital, but I think that I just needed someone to say GO!
We made it to Texas Childrens Hospital at 9:15pm and with-in 10 minutes they had Cameron in a room and starting an IV to give him Morphine. All of the ER staff were WONDERFUL. We ended up spending 9 hours at the hospital. We had to wait 4 hours before they could do anything because of the last time that he ate.

So to the story that he told us. You know I always knew that boy would break something it was just a matter of time. However falling off of something 2 feet off of the ground wouldn't have been my guess. Here is the story, the kids had flipped a table upside down (it is a small table that goes with a play kitchen set). The legs of the table are about 5 inches round. Anyways got that visual? So my little dare devil was on one leg of the table balancing on one foot. Oh! By the way it took us HOURS to get the story from him!

Two days later and he is doing better. He finally got some good sleep last night and momma made him an awesome sling to hold his arm up!

Check out this cool camo helicopter sling!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thoughts of cold weather!!

As I was unpacking my 2 buggies filled with groceries in the 103 temp today the thought of the snow of December crossed my I thought that seeing how I am in the process of sorting through pictures I would share those with you!!! Hope it helps cool you off!!! Oh just wanted to let you know that Kayley did not like the snow....she didn't care for the cold so she stayed in the house most of the time! Poor girl hope she changes her mind soon.

What was Mike thinking??
Snowball fight!!
Cameron tasting the snow.

Our first Christmas at our new house and it snowed!!
The shop.
Our old house.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One more picture!

Ok this is one of my favorites!! About 2 months after Kayley was born I decided to take the kids and go shoe shopping. While I was trying on shoes I look over and Cameron had found him a pair of shoes......he made daddy proud that day! Cameron would be so mad if he knew I showed anyone this picture, but hey wait until he gets that first girlfriend!! Ha, ha, ha.......


The other night I stayed up late looking through pictures trying to prepare for a scrap-booking week.....I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I have only ummmmm 5726 pictures on my computer of which oh probably close to 2000 haven't been printed. Yes I LOVE taking pictures. Anyways, I found these cute pictures that I wanted to share. So enjoy!

Cameron and Kayley Feb. 2007

Kayley's 1st day - oh where did the time go??

Cameron working on the house last summer!

Meet the Riley's - the first time the kids really play with each other they find the mud! Are you surprised???
Mother's Day 2009

Kayley and Kiki at the lake
The whole gang!
Kiki, Lane, Kayley, Landon, & Cameron

Well all I have to say to this picture is .... it's Cameron...need I say more!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Fun

Thursday we spent the day at Uncle Scott and Aunt Jean's house. The kids got to spend a few hours in the pool and I got lots of time holding sweet baby Mike.

Kiki with no floaties!!

Cameron doing a cannon ball!

Left-over cherries on my face.....

Boys having a good time.

Kayley swimming.

Cameron holing baby Mike.

Kayley holding baby Mike. She was so fascinated with Mike. I think because he was the same size as one of her baby dolls at home. She loved touching his ears and nose. She loved on him alot!! Good thing he is already Tyson proof - Kayley is learning what EASY means!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And it RAINED.........

Who knew we could ever get so excited about rain!! We haven't had enough rain this summer so we did get a little over-excited!!

Cameron and I were working on school work today when the bottom fell out of the sky. It was so exciting that we had to stop working and go outside to see this wonderful phenomenon!! It was raining so hard that the flower beds were overflowing and our rock path looked like a river. Cameron had a great time playing in the rain!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Canyon Lake, TX

Well we all just got back from a MUCH need vacation. We left early Thursday morning and headed west to Canyon Lake, TX. It has the most beautiful aqua-blue-green water, not dirt brown like we have around here. It is absolutely beautiful.

Here is a picture of the lake and Mike on his new toy!! Mike couldn't wait to get to the lake and play. He even got up at 4 am that morning so that we could get to the lake and have plenty of time to play!! We spent the rest of the day at the lake. Minus a few technical difficulties with our jet ski we had a blast. Our good friends the Riley's were there with their jet ski also. All the kids had a wonderful time riding jet ski's and playing in the lake......

Kayley and Mikey

A little technical difficulty. What fun is a toy if you can't work on it???

On Friday we went to the small town of Gruene and spent the day browsing through little shops. We had a yummy lunch at the Gristmill and shopped some more. Cameron loved Gruene and wanted to shop again the next day. The funniest part was when Mike convinced all 5 of the kiddos that everything in the town of Gruene was green ....ha ha ha... kids are so easily tricked!!!

Kiki, Kayley, Landon, Cameron, and Lane

Here is one tired shopper!!

Saturday we headed back to the lake for another day of swimming, jet skiing, and boating. Check out the rest of these pictures:
Mike and Cameron having a good time on the jet ski!!
Look how beautiful the water is....

Ms. Hollywood

Ahhhh what a wonderful weekend!!