Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emergency Room Trip #4

Well Cameron had his next trip to the emergency room Friday night. We were over at our friends house the Rileys and the kids were upstairs playing having a good time. Then suddenly Cameron lets out this blood curdling scream one you know is associated with pain. He comes running downstairs holding his right arm which is no longer straight but bent into a "L" shape. It scared me and my next thought was where is the blood. Thank goodness there wasn't any because I probably would have passed out. In my time of panic I look at Misty and ask what do I do? I knew he needed to go to the hospital, but I think that I just needed someone to say GO!
We made it to Texas Childrens Hospital at 9:15pm and with-in 10 minutes they had Cameron in a room and starting an IV to give him Morphine. All of the ER staff were WONDERFUL. We ended up spending 9 hours at the hospital. We had to wait 4 hours before they could do anything because of the last time that he ate.

So to the story that he told us. You know I always knew that boy would break something it was just a matter of time. However falling off of something 2 feet off of the ground wouldn't have been my guess. Here is the story, the kids had flipped a table upside down (it is a small table that goes with a play kitchen set). The legs of the table are about 5 inches round. Anyways got that visual? So my little dare devil was on one leg of the table balancing on one foot. Oh! By the way it took us HOURS to get the story from him!

Two days later and he is doing better. He finally got some good sleep last night and momma made him an awesome sling to hold his arm up!

Check out this cool camo helicopter sling!!

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